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Recent News \\ February 10, 2020

Owners of the Club detail their Plan in an Exclusive Interview

Recent News \\ January 16, 2020

Woodmere Club owners sue Woodsburgh village, again

Recent News \\ January 12, 2020

Five lawsuits later, golf club owners stay on plan to build homes

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Current Plan

Review our submitted plan which includes 284 homes. 237 of the homes will be on 6,000 sq. ft. lots and 47 of the homes will be on 1 acre lots.

Alternative Plan

The plan your representatives will not show you which includes an age restricted condominium and over 12 acres of open space for public use.

Interview With Owners

The Woodmere Club Owners provide full transparency of progress, litigation with villages and future steps in an exclusive interview.

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Your representatives spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees with nothing to show. Keep track of our previous and current lawsuits against your Village.

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Learn more about the owners of the Woodmere Club and their extensive experience in land development, law, and construction.

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